Ingredients of Heroin

Heroin is made out of the most discusting, dangerous, and expensive items you could find in the world. Most of the items are illegal and they could cause death. Here are the ingredients of Heroin


Heroin has several ingredients but it has 2 ingredients that are the most important ones, without it heroin cannot be made. These 2 ingredients are known as "Morphine" and "Acetic Anhydride". Morphine is known as a narcotic. A narcotic is a type of drug used as a pain releiver in several ways, such as if you get your leg cut off or you are getting operated etc. Acetic anhydride is a chemical compound.


Their are several other ingredients in heroin such as

 - Acetaminophen (Analgesic)

 - Aminopyrine (Anti-inflammatory)

 - Amytryptaline (Anti-depressant)

 - Antipyrine (Body water measurement)

 - Benzoczine (Anesthetic)

 - Caffeine (Stimulant)

 - Cocaine (Stimulant)

 - D-metamphetamine (Stimulant)

 - Diphenhydramine (Anti-histamine)

 - Doxepin (Anesthetic)

 - Ephedrine (Stimulant)

 - Lidocaine (Anesthetic)

 - Hydroxyzine (Anxie medication)

 - Methylparben (Chemical persevative)

 - Methocarbomal (Muscle relaxant)

 - Nabumetone (Arthritis treatment)

 - Nicotinamide (Coenzyme)

 - Phenylbutazone (Anti- inflammant)

 - Phenylpropanlamine (Dexatrim/Caffeine)

 - Potassiumchloride (Potassium supplement)

 - Rocaine (Local anesthetic)

 - Propoxyphine (Analgesic-Darvon)

 - Sodium bicarbonate (Acid-indigestion)

 - Quinine (Malaria treatment)

 - Theophylline (Bronchial dialator)

 - Thiamine (Dietary supplement)

 - Thiopental (Barbiturate)

 - Thioridazine (Nausea medication)

 - Tripolidine (Allergy medication)

 - Disodium ethylenediame tetraacetic (Chelating agent for metals)